1985Establishment of W&K Gesellschaft für Industrietechnik mbH by Martin Kratzer as service provider in industrial installation in Faulbach / Germany
1990Formation of a German subsidiary in Burg
1996Development of a cooperation partner for South America
1999Formation of a subsidiary in Lubin / Poland
2001Formation of a subsidiary in Algatocin, Málaga / Spain
2002Formation of a subsidiary in Plymouth, Michigan / USA
2004Formation of a subsidiary in Shanghai / China
2006Acquisition of a competing enterprise and incorporation in W&K, Alpharetta, Georgia / USA
2006Formation of a subsidiary in Moscow / Russia
2008Acquisition of MT Industrietechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Bremen / Germany
2010Expansion of the company's headquarter (office building and warehouse) in Faulbach / Germany
2011Development of a cooperation partner for GCC (Bahrain, Katar, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi-Arabien, Vereinigte Arabische Emirate)
2012Formation of a subsidiary in Izmir / Turkey
2014Formation of a subsidiary in Trencianske Teplice / Slovakia
2016Formation of a subsidiary in Mexico City / Mexico
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